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Fall 2023 (TBD)


Student Panel

Our Learning Matters

Listen, empathize, and engage around the topic of EDUCATION. Cultivate a global mindset as you learn about students' educational experiences around the world. Support fellow changemakers, enrich community, and brainstorm collaborative storytelling advocacy endeavors together. Creative raffles await!

Our Learning Matters
Our Learning Matters

Time & Location

Fall 2023 (TBD)

Student Panel


About the event

The first of three diverse youth-inspired storytelling discussion panels from students around the world. Join online to listen, empathize, engage, and build community.

What is our Educational Experience?  Is the quality of our education empowering us to effectively engage the future?  Cultivating a Global Perspective Student Panel will offer a platform of engaging stories regarding the diverse nature of schooling and educational systems around the world, perceived strengths and areas for growth, perceived equities and inequities, and the degree to which students feel empowered by their learning and can see opportunities for collective advocacy.

Exploratory Lenses:

  • Schooling - early formative education
  • Schooling - secondary education
  • Food programming
  • Holistic health management
  • Recreational opportunities
  • Arts programming
  • Diversity, inclusion, equity
  • Student safety
  • Aspirations/Dreams/Hopes
  • Successes
  • Challenges

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