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Meet Our Partners

Sustainable youth advocacy starts with inspired leadership

Here at New Day Storytelling Advocates, we believe in the power of edifying, encouraging, and constructive mentorship. Our partner advocates are inspiring educators, coaches, mentors, creators, entrepreneurs, directors, leaders, authors, and artisans committed to investing in youth and their creative potential. 


The Advocacy X Factor

Authentic advocacy work is highly complex and involves a medley of personal and interpersonal skills. By learning to hone one's ability to actively observe, listen, empathize, reflect, and thoughtfully respond, we can become more conscientious human beings and act as a community.

In partnering with socially and environmentally conscious changemakers, we can learn, grow, and challenge our thinking in ways we never imagined. New Day Storytelling Advocate Partners contend that "If we did all the things we were capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves."

​That's why we make every effort to connect students with field experts throughout the world to help provide inspiration, mentorship, and support on creative storytelling advocacy endeavors.


Advocacy work isn't just for adults! It's essential that youth are equipped with tools to not only better advocate for themselves but also for our most vulnerable causes and populations.       

Partners 1

New Day Storytelling Advocates Partners

Caitlyn Jones | Founder & CEO

Caitlyn Jones is an award-winning author and indie publisher. In 2020, after the birth of her daughter, she was inspired to pursue her lifelong dream of becoming an author and published her first children’s book Some Days.


Caitlyn then launched her own publishing company Artist Madrid Books 

with the mission of helping other aspiring authors and elevating the Kid Lit genre through increased diversity.


To date, through her company's publishing services, Author Coaching Program and Self-Publishing Seminar, she has assisted over 30 writers reach their goals. She joined the Dear Tariq Creative Team in September 2022.

Jordan Hattar | Director

Originally from Templeton, CA, Jordan began his humanitarian work in high school and has since dedicated his time and efforts to helping refugees have agency over their own lives.

Jordan's studies continued to propel him into a life of service. He holds a Master's degree in International Relations & Politics from the University of Cambridge. Upon receiving his degree, Jordan began an internship in the White House with First Lady Michelle Obama's Reach Higher initiative. Most recently, Jordan has concentrated on directing and is currently speaking full-time in schools and universities around the world to help connect them with refugee communities.

LeeAnne Lavender | Consultant

LeeAnne Lavender specializes in digital storytelling, service learning and global citizenship. She’s committed to helping educators build changemaker cultures to empower students and equip them with the skills they need to create positive, purposeful change and embrace sustainable and equitable ways of thinking and living.


She loves to create learning experiences that have impact and lead to deep learning. LeeAnne believes in using the power of storytelling as the vehicle by which we can listen and learn from each other. She helps individuals and communities use storytelling to create cultures that celebrate global citizenship and sustainability. 

Partners 2
Bryan Boyce | Exec. Director

Bryan Boyce grew up in Waseca, Minnesota and graduated from Grinnell College before teaching high school English in Lesotho and the Rosebud Lakota Reservation. While serving as Assistant Director of Breakthrough San Juan Capistrano, he led their community to nationally recognized student gains.


As the sibling of a brother with developmental disabilities, Bryan knows firsthand the value and richness of exchange across neurological differences. He seeks to give others an alternative to presuming deficit and pity—through the often inventive, radically self-representative writing of Cow Tipping authors.

Briana Hall | Owner + Proofreader

Briana likes to describe herself as a reader, writer, and nerd. After fifteen years of writing and ten years of critiquing and proofreading for friends, Briana realized it was time to offer her skills to authors everywhere.

She believes everyone deserves the chance to share their story with the world. But if writing is mining for diamonds, then every diamond must be evaluated and polished. That's where she comes in. She tackles rough drafts and finished manuscripts to help every author write their best story.

When she's not polishing manuscripts, Briana spends her time skating, writing short stories with friends, and obsessing over her favorite books and shows. 

Alaina Tobin | Founder

Alaina, founder of Creative Day Design, has been a professional graphic designer for over a decade following her passion for symbol and psyche.


Her creative process exquisitely blends art and science, is fueled by human emotion and looks at the world with an eye toward a brighter future.


An advocate of self-expression and exploration, she recognizes the spark of potential around us and within us.  aspires to work with these possibilities to design better businesses and better lives – to awaken the best in the human spirit and cultivate the extraordinary potential in us all.


Let's Connect

If you are curious as to how you or your company, social purpose corporation, nonprofit, or educational institution could leverage collective resources, time, or talents to create or promote youth storytelling advocacy opportunities, please submit a Changemaker Advocacy Form and a New Day team member will get back to you within 72 hours.

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