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New Day Experience

Storytelling Advocacy Experience

Summer Fellowship in Gaziantep, Turkey

We’re launching our pilot New Day Experience on June 17 and taking high school students from around the world to Antakya, Turkey! In addition to delivering aid to families in partnership with @help4refugees_org, the team will be capturing stories through writing, interviews, and photography in order to better advocate for these refugees.

Our biggest priority right now is raising funds to purchase container homes and critical supplies for families like Ceedra’s.

A painting of a train in winter scene

Months since a devastating earthquake hit Turkey and Syria, the humanitarian crisis continues to deepen for the millions of Syrian refugees living in makeshift tent cities near the border.

In addition to traveling to Gaziantep to provide on-the-ground support and help deliver aid to refugees, we need your help spreading the word and raising funds to build more container homes and buy emergency supplies.

A heartbreaking crisis continues to unfold in Turkey and Syria as our refugee brothers and sisters strive to rebuild their lives AGAIN after a series of devastating earthquakes.

Deliver Life-Saving Aid to the Turkish Border

We are fundraising to help families in need. 100% of your donation goes toward our tangible life-sustaining efforts on the ground.

Help us spread the word among your friends, families, neighbors, educators, and fellow community members to donate towards this grassroots advocacy campaign.


We must remember that no action is too small. Just because we can’t do everything, doesn’t mean we can’t do something.

~ “Turning Compassion into Action,” a message to readers from Dear Tariq

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