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Storytelling Advocacy Newsletter | Issue 01

A message of gratitude and new beginnings.

Welcome friends to New Day Storytelling Advocates’ first e-newsletter! We are thrilled to have launched our website, first book, and the seeds of invigorating collaborative youth work to come! Thank you for being a part of our much-anticipated launch that seeks to bless students around the globe in a myriad of ways.

As an impassioned teacher, mom, and woman dedicated to cultivating a life of service, I am so grateful to each of you for saying YES and agreeing to be a part of our budding storytelling advocacy community. I have no doubt that New Day has a very special journey ahead and one day, years from now when I am standing in my riding boots at our farm camp, watching kids from around the world lead, learn, and work together, I will remember this very first step in faith and our beginning.

For the last two years, I have shared glimpses of this primordial New Day narrative with folks and it’s admittedly been a challenging vision to communicate. It’s difficult to articulate what I can see, feel, smell, and touch – if only in my mind’s eye. And yet it’s as real to me as the roof over my head and the pencil moving feverishly across the page. Like learning to speak a new language and assembling words in a curious new tongue, I am honored to be creating alongside students, who are already fantastic teachers in their own right.

Watching students come alive with advocacy work they’re proud of and instinctively feel makes a difference – is a true joy and wonder to behold. Inspiring lessons and experiences inside and outside of the classroom forge the kind of character and confidence that help our children become the best versions of themselves – more empathetic, compassionate, kind people of conviction.

Sure, I want the best for my children and hope they realize their dreams but mostly, I just want them to grow up to become loving, humble, generous, benevolent people of faith. I want them to truly care about others and selflessly serve their communities.

Selena Morse, Geo Chen, Allison Dai, Shahd Abu Gharbieh, and Sirin Hamada are wonderful examples of servant leaders who embody the qualities I hope my children aspire to emulate throughout their lives. Their inspired collaborative work and perseverance on Dear Tariq over these past two years exemplify the

kind of compassion and grit our world desperately needs. To invest in a story inspired by a real youth advocate who cared enough about a young stranger’s suffering halfway across our planet – is a wonderful thing. The way the students thoughtfully saw their project through, ensuring everyone’s voice and artistry was captured to the best of their collective ability, despite various obstacles is worthy of acknowledgment and praise.

Our virtual and physical book launch, along with the accumulative celebration of this work, wouldn’t have been possible without numerous heartfelt contributions from advocacy trailblazers such as Alex Myteberi and family, Jordan Hattar of Help4Refugees, Caitlyn P. Jones of Artist Madrid Books, Alaina Tobin of Creative Day Design, LeeAnne Lavender of, Briana Hall of Hall&Quotes, award-winning author Stacy C. Bauer, and the numerous Syrian and international student Beta readers. To read more about our recent book launch and watch the recorded author talk click the button below.

Dear Tariq Student written advocacy story

Invest in a story that changes lives.

Our mission is simple. To share our story with the world and sell as many books as possible on behalf of our young illustrator Sirin and her mother. Book proceeds will go to Sirin and her family.

Would you help us discover the power of youth storytelling advocacy and its collective ripple effect?


"I was amazed by Dear Tariq! This highly engaging, relevant book tells the story of two boys from different parts of the world with very different lives, who connect and lift each other up. This is a story of struggle and sadness, but also of hope. I highly recommend this inspiring book for any young person, parent, and teacher who wants to find out how to make a difference in the lives of others."
~ Stacy C. Bauer | Author of the award-winning book series Young Change Makers.


Dear Tariq is New Day’s unique student-written and illustrated advocacy story.

New Day believes in empowering young people and giving them opportunities to serve and find meaningful work. Right now, we have several advocacy projects that need funding from generous community members like you!

Please join me in supporting these youth advocacy storytellers! Learn more about supporting our endeavors.

Thank you for joining me in nurturing a community of young storytelling advocates!

~ With gratitude, Dagne

“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.”

~ Mother Teresa

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