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Creating a More Empathetic World,
One Story at a Time

New Day Storytelling Advocates (proper noun) :
1. Trailblazing youth committed to inspiring grassroots storytelling advocacy endeavors

Our Mission

New Day Storytelling Advocates is a socially conscious organization that believes in creating unique publishing platforms and experiences for youth passionate about advocating for our planet and its beautiful people. By empowering youth to share our world’s most pressing advocacy stories through art, in tandem with local and international advocates, we desire to compile authentic, inspiring narratives that celebrate the work of young changemakers around the globe.


Advocacy Publishing
Begins with YOU...

Self-Advocacy (n, v, vt.) :
1. The ability to effectively communicate, individual interests, passions, desires, needs and rights for the greater good.
Recent Posts:

Never underestimate the power of a story and your ability to tell it!


Diversified Advocacy

Advocacy Resources

Explore the art of storytelling and its ability to build empathy through advocacy with our course partners.

Advocacy Stories

"Dear Tariq" New Book

Experience a NEW advocacy story written and illustrated by kids for kids! Inspired by Advocate Alex Myteberi.

Have you ever wondered what it is like to have to escape to another country for refuge? What about sleeping on the streets out of necessity or traveling miles to procure clean water? Too many young people today don’t have to wo­­­­nder. This is their first-hand experience.

Here at New Day Storytelling Advocates, we believe in rolling up our sleeves to more effectively listen, observe, ask, empathize, and seek to understand. Whether each of us can personally relate to these circumstances or not, we can seize opportunities to grow in our understanding and harness our unique skills, talents, passions, and voices to create a more empathetic, just, and equitable world for everyone.

You might have a passion for environmentally friendly farming practices, supporting our oceans, freshwater systems, precious forests, and the wildlife therein. Or you might have the zeal to curb fast fashion, promote diversity and inclusion, or advocate for holistic health and well-being.

Whatever your convictions and you probably have many, consider checking out our

international, domestic, and virtual advocacy experiences. Our world is ripe with storytelling advocacy opportunities and we need YOU!


Jordan Hattar

Advocacy Partner and Founder of 

Meet Our Advocacy Partners

Try an Advocacy Experience

And Grasp The Transformative Power of Advocacy


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Visit our shop for student advocacy inspired merchandise and apparel and consider contributing designs of your own!


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Advocacy Partner

Learn more about partnering around student storytelling advocacy endeavors as a changemaker individual, business or organization!


Curate An

Advocacy Proposal

Contribute ideas that we can transform into student storytelling advocacy opportunities and create a positive impact!

Join our #NewDayChangemakerChallenge

As we explore the theme of self-advocacy, join the #NewDayChangemakerChallenge! Share a story/post of something that has connected you to a larger global issue or cause. Never underestimate the power of a story and your ability to tell it.


Tag us on Instagram @newdaystorytellers for a chance for your story/post to be shared! Inspire and connect with other young advocates from around the world!  

Remember, you are never too young to speak, write, create, dream and advocate!
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