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Image by Mahmoud Sulaiman

Gaziantep, Turkey | Delivering Aid 

Summer Refugee Advocacy Experience

June 17th - June 26th, 2023

Cultivating a global mindset and attitude of servant leadership.

"All advocacy at its core is an exercise in empathy." - Samantha Power



Join us in spreading awareness to the refugee crises continuing to unfold in Gaziantep, Turkey. This experience fosters a unique understanding of the real-world challenges refugees experience upon cultural assimilation, and preparation with the knowledge and tools to become more empathetic and active global citizens.

Please note: This trip is for mature students ages 15 years- 22 years. You must be 15 years of age or older prior to our departure. Participants 18 years of age or younger will need to provide a parent or guardian form in tandem with their application.


Trip Mission

To not only expose students firsthand to the refugee crises continuing to unfold in Turkey but to also help students understand the real-world challenges refugees experience upon cultural assimilation, and to equip them with the knowledge and tools to become more empathetic and active global citizens.

Image by Sarah Crego

About The Fellowship Experience


Months since a devastating earthquake hit Turkey and Syria, the humanitarian crisis continues to deepen for the millions of Syrian refugees living in makeshift tent cities near the border.


New Day Storytellers in partnership with Help4Refugees will be traveling to Gaziantep on June 17 and taking high school students from around the world to Antakya, Turkey!


In addition to delivering aid to families, the team will be capturing stories through writing, interviews, and photography in order to better advocate for these refugees.


Our biggest priority right now is raising funds to purchase container homes and critical supplies for families. We need your help spreading the word and raising funds to build more container homes and buy emergency supplies. 


Help us make an impact at » !


"“We must remember that no action is too small. Just because we can’t do everything, doesn’t mean we can’t do something.” - "Turning Compassion into Action," a message to readers from Dear Tariq


Meet Your Guides


Jordan Hattar

Co-Founder and Director |

Jordan not only has intimate experience in Jordan both as a resident and experienced traveler, but also has native ties through his Jordanian grandfather, as well as relationships with the Jordanian government and royal family. His proficient grasp of Arabic, educational background in Middle Eastern culture, and previous student trip facilitation experience span over 20 years.  He believes that refugee encounters make unforgettable and impactful humanitarian experiences for students and adults alike.


Dagne Furth

Educator and Founder | New Day Storytelling Advocates

Dagne Furth is a middle and high school teacher with over 15 years of experience teaching students around the world. She has taught in Washington state as well as Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and Shanghai, China. She has a rich background in student advocacy, storytelling, service, faith-based recreational programming, and international and domestic student excursions. Dagne’s students have worked closely with Jordan on a number of student storytelling advocacy projects throughout the years fostering awareness and empathy.

Interested in learning more about this refugee experience or other endeavors like these?


This trip application is currently closed. For more info on upcoming trips or planning a trip, please contact us. A New Day representative will follow up with you in 72 hours or less.

Donate and help us spread the word »  Delivering Aid to Turkish Border

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